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Running ion3 on FreeBSD

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

I just started to try out FreeBSD 7.0 (I am very impressed so far) and ran into huge problems installing my favorite window manager ion3 . Apparently the main developer had some trouble with various distribution maintainers and forbade then to ship ion (link).

After some try and error (and a pointer in the right direction by Markus) I finally figured out how to tweak the to make ion3 compile.

I had to change the following things:

  • install to $(HOME)/ion (you have to create this directory first)
  • comment DL_LIBS=-ldl (as this lib seems to be part of the FreeBSD libc anyway)
  • Set the path for lua 5.1


Configuration files

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

As a long time Slackware user I customized some of my config files and I guess my blog is a great place to back them up :)





A note about /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld: It contains the line:


If you ever try to connect to the local mysql server with Java you have to uncomment this line (it cost me serveral hours to figure that out…)